Thesis defence Z. Zhao: correspondence

23 February 2018 10:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Unified correspondence and canonicity. Promotor 1: I.R. van de Poel (TBM); Promotor 2: Dr. A. Palmigiano (UHD-TBM).

Correspondence theory originally arises as the study of the relation between modal formulas and first-order formulas interpreted over Kripke frames. In recent years, unified correspondence theory is developed based on duality-theoretic and order-algebraic insights. In this approach, a very general syntactic definition of Sahlqvist and inductive formulas is given, which applies uniformly to each logical signature and is given purely in terms of the order-theoretic properties of the algebraic interpretations of the logical connectives. In addition, the Ackermann lemma based algorithm ALBA, which is a generalization of SQEMA based on order-theoretic and algebraic insights, is given, which effectively computes first-order correspondents of input formulas/inequalities, and is guaranteed to succeed on the Sahlqvist and inductive classes of formulas/inequalities. This dissertation belong to the line of research of unified correspondence theory. In this dissertation, we apply the unified correspondence methodology to specific semantic settings as well as to proof theory.

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