Thesis defence I.O. Agbo: embedded memories

18 June 2018 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Reliability modeling and mitigation for embedded memories. Promotor: S. Hamdioui (TU Delft).

Complementary Metallic Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology scaling enhances  the performance, transistor density, functionality, and reduces cost and power consumption. However, scaling causes significant reliability challenges both from a manufacturing and operational point of view. Obtaining reliable memories require clear understanding of the impact of aging (such as Bias temperature instability (BTI)) on individual memory components and how they interact with each other. In this dissertation, two kinds of challenges are addressed, which are related to BTI aging and partially on its mitigation. One is related to the impact on individual memory components (e.g., sense amplifier) and the another one to the way they impact each other (i.e., read path and write path, respectively). We observed that  designers need to carefully examine all the areas investigated in this dissertation in order to provide an appropriate design.

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