Thesis defence J. van der Horst: tomography

14 June 2018 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

High-resolution deep-tissue quantitative optical tomography. Promotor: L.J. van Vliet (TNW).

Optical imaging is one of the primary tools in biological and medical research. The goal of this work is to develop techniques for 3D optical imaging of turbid media that provide high resolution and high contrast images deep in tissue.

Light scattering deteriorates the resolution and contrast of optical images of biological tissue as it causes photons to interact with a larger volume of material. To avoid these problems, we developed a novel interferometric technique for deep tissue imaging based on transmission optical coherence tomography (OCT).  From multiple transmission OCT measurements from different lateral positions and angles, quantitative 3D images of the optical properties are reconstructed using tomographic reconstruction techniques. We named this novel imaging modality optical coherence projection tomography (OCPT). OCPT combines sensitive heterodyne detection with strong suppression of scattered photons using coherent gating, confocal gating, and time gating. Our new imaging modality enables imaging of millimeter sized objects with quantitative contrast and resolutions in the 10 micrometer range.

In addition, we pushed the spatial resolution limits of optical tomographic imaging techniques downwards. We derived a description of the spatially-variant resolution in optical tomography based on the through-focus point spread function of the imaging system used to record the projections. Based on our theoretically derived resolution model a deconvolution filter for correction of the spatially variant resolution in the tomographic images is developed.

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