Thesis defence E. Siahaan: visual quality

16 October 2018 10:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Visual Quality of Experience; A Metric Driven Perspective. Promotor: Prof.dr. A. Hanjalic (EWI).

Multimedia systems are typically optimized in a way that maximizes users' satisfaction of using the systems/services. This user satisfaction is what is commonly referred to as Quality of Experience(QoE). For visual media, such as images and videos, the optimization of QoE has meant reducing the visibility of artifacts (e.g. noise or other disturbing factors) in the visual media. This is based on the assumption that the sole appearance of artifacts would disrupt the whole visual experience, in a world where media were mostly consumed passively, and in well defined contexts (e.g., TV broadcasts). Nowadays, the way users experience visual media has changed, thanks to the diffusion of mobile, interactive, immersive, and on-demand technology. Media are now consumed in many different contexts, for example, in the interactive and customizable contexts of social media, or in the immersive contexts of virtual and augmented reality. As consequence of these developments, a user's visual QoE is no longer determined solely on the appearance of artifacts, but also by factors relevant to the viewing context. 

This work brings in new insights in modeling and automatically assessing users' visual QoE in view of the developments above. The thesis starts with looking into subjective methodologies for QoE assessments, and continues with developing objective quality metrics that incorporate QoE influencing factors to improve state-of-the-art metrics.

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