Inaugural speech prof.dr. R.M.P. Goverde (CiTG): railways

09 November 2018 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

The railways are the most safe and environmental-friendly transport mode and essential for the sustainable accessibility of the big cities and the national and international mobility. The Dutch railway network is one of the heaviest utilized in Europe, while the transport demand keeps growing for both passengers and freight. Also the European high-speed network is expanding rapidly and attracts more and more passengers as sustainable and fast alternative for flying. The same holds for the international freight train corridors. To enable this growth the railways are in a transition to a modern digital railway traffic system with continuous wireless communication for efficient signalling and traffic management. The timetable becomes increasingly more accurate to allow optimized infrastructure occupation, while train operation is supported by driver advisory systems connected to intelligent traffic management systems. Automatic train operation is already the standard in modern metro systems and will also be applied to other railway systems to realize the highest capacity consumption. The transfer to this modern digital technology is a challenge to the railway sector and requires an innovative integrated approach with the aim to achieve a safe, efficient and reliable transport system.