Thesis defence V.I. Dias Ribeiro De Carvalho: FtsH

15 November 2018 10:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Biochemical and structural studies of FtsH, a membrane anchored degradation machine. Promotor: Prof.dr. A.H. Engel (TNW).

Proteins are one of the most important constituents of cells, since they are responsible for various processes such as replication, translation, etc. Interestingly, proteins are also responsible for the degradation of proteins that do not assemble well, and/or which are not necessary anymore inside the cell. This process of proteins destruction and recycling of amino acids is called proteolysis. Without this process, the cell would accumulate toxic waste and would not survive for long. This highlights the importance of this process. This process occurs not only in the cell cytoplasm but in the cell lipid bilayer leading to the degradation of soluble and membrane integral proteins. In bacteria, the protein responsible for this mechanism is vital and it is called FtsH. FtsH is part of the AAA+ proteases family, which are deeply investigates since they are responsible for many important biological mechanisms inside the cell. In this thesis, we aimed to answer the question of how can FtsH, not only, degrade soluble proteins, but also, degrade insoluble proteins. In a complex mechanism in which soluble/insoluble proteins are unfolded passing through an ATPase domain, and into a protease domain for degradation. The curiosity about this mechanism is also high, regarding how can this protein coordinate this ATP hydrolysation and coordinate it with the proteolytical process.

This thesis showed that FtsH undergoes much larger conformational changes than previously thought and challenges the currently accepted model for the substrate to access FtsH active site.

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