PhD defence Hai Gong

16 December 2019 12:30 till 14:30 - Location: aula senaatszaal, mekelweg 5 - By: DCSC

"Optical field sampling for imaging and optical testing"

Light is a tool for human beings to explore the world. Though the space surrounds us is three-dimensional, mankind can only record the two-dimensional projection of this world for a long time, by either drawing pictures or taking photos. That is because the human eyes or cameras are merely able to sense the intensity of light radiation. To achieve a real three-dimensional imaging, the whole information of the light wave (optical field) including both the amplitude and the phase need to be registered. Thus, sensing the optical field is a very popular topic for scientific research along with a broad range of applications in engineering. For one example, in the content of diffraction theory, if the coherent optical field at one plane is recorded, the field at any other planes along the light path can be reconstructed by numerical propagation.

Currently, there is no available physical sensor that can directly detect the phase due to the extremely high speed of light oscillation. Thus, we must retrieve it indirectly through specific optics and algorithms. The goal of this dissertation is to explore the techniques that allow us to capture the optical field and explore their implementations in imaging, optical testing and alignment etc.

This dissertation mainly covers the following research contents: Firstly, exploring new optical field sensing techniques with the help of newly emerging programable optical components; Secondly, defining the conditions for holographic imaging with conventional wavefront sensors; Thirdly, extending the imaging and optical testing applications of optical field sensing in practical scenarios, mainly in the light sheet fluorescent microscopy.  


Promotors: M. Verhaegen and Prof.dr. G. Vdovin