Midterm colloquium Rik Koch

18 September 2019 14:00 till 14:30 - Location: instruction room H, 3me - By: DCSC

"Sampling-driven nonlinear MPC control of a buck-boost converter"

The development of semiconductor technology in the past decades has increased the human dependency on electronic applications. This has also developed the design and control of power converters. Model predictive control is one of the possible control strategies investigated in research of the control of power converters. However, the nonlinearity of model of the buck-boost converter, which is a popular DC-DC converter, makes the optimisation problem computationally complex while the computational time is limited by the switching frequency of the control switch in the converter. Sampling-driven nonlinear MPC gives a solution to this problem as it uses samples drawn from the input space to determine the suboptimum of the MPC problem. 

Dr.ir. T. Keviczky