Conference: African Perspectives +12

27 March 2019 00:00 till 29 March 2019 00:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment - By: Communication BK

From 27 to 29 March, the conference African Perspectives+12 on Design, Planning, and Construction will be hosted at BK City. The conference will focus on research and practice for inclusive, fair, and sustainable urbanisation.

More than 12 years after the 2007 conference on African Perspectives, this conference builds upon the legacy and intents to reinvigorate the discussion by attracting new voices to the dialogue. The conference is a catalyst for discussion, exchange and connection, with the clear goal of bringing together academia, practitioners, governance bodies, and cultural agents to engage and explore next steps for sustainable urbanisation in Africa. 

The conference is divided in two overarching themes:

  1. Best practices in fair, inclusive, and sustainable African cities and communities;
  2. Creating capacity for research, education and practice for African designers, planners and builders.

These two overarching themes will be reflected in the following five modules: 

  1. Contributions from research and academia
  2. Contributions from architecture, urban design, planning practice, and builders
  3. Contributions to education and capacity building for fair, inclusive and sustainable African cities and communities
  4. Civil society and governments forum
  5. Cultural celebration

Call for contributions

During the PrepCon in Addis-Ababa in January 2018, the necessity to understand Africa as the diverse, multi-cultural, immensely rich place that it is. There is a need to work together with African institutions to help support the next generation of architects, planners, and policy makers who will steer sustainable urbanisation in Africa. The summary of the PrepCon is available here

Informed by the results of this PrepCon, this is an open call for contributions to the conference. Abstracts must be 500 words long and must contain the number and title of the track to which the abstract is being submitted, a problem statement, research question, short theoretical framework and a summary of findings. Please send your abstract to African Perspectives Conference before 1 September 2018, mentioning AFRICAN PERSPECTIVES ABSTRACT in the subject line.

More details can be found here

More information

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