Conference: Mediating the spatiality of conflicts

06 November 2019 00:00 till 08 November 2019 00:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment - By: Communication BK

The conference ‘Mediating the spatiality of conflicts’ addresses the interrelations of spatiality and conflict. During the conference, generative potentials of conflict and violence on space and everyday life are investigated. Different mediatic tools, methods and ‘artivist' approaches towards conflict and post conflict environs are showcased. 

The conference includes international keynote speakers, paper presentations, workshop sessions, panel and round-table discussions, an exhibition, and film screenings curated by Ilona Jurkonyte.  The programme connects to the fields of territorial conflict and the spatial politics of violence, exile and migration, visual culture and 'artivism'. The keynote speakers are professor Caren Kaplan (American Studies, University of California at Davis),  affiliated professor Pelin Tan (Nordland Art and Film School), and professor Andrew Herscher (A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan).

The conference is open to all. Please register here to participate.   

More information
For the full programme and additional information, visit Mediating Conflicts or contact the conference organisation.
We welcome everyone to participate in this conference.

Key-note speakers

  • Professor Caren Kaplan, American Studies, University of California at Davis (militarized visual culture, cultural geography, transnational feminist cultural studies)

  • Affiliated Professor Pelin Tan, Nordland Art and Film School (territorial conflict and entanglements of things, conditions of labor and transversal methods in research)

  • Professor Andrew Herscher, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan (spatial politics of violence, humanitarian and human rights issues, exile and migration)

Conference organizers

drs. John Hanna; dr. Armina Pilav; dr. ir. Marc Schoonderbeek; drs. Gabriel Schwake; dr. ir. Heidi Sohn; dr. Aleksandar Staničić, Borders & Territories research group.