Introductory meeting Wrapped FRP Joints of Structural Hollow Sections

29 March 2019 14:00 till 17:00 - Location: CEG - TU Delft - By: Webredactie | Add to my calendar

A revolutionary technology in fatigue resistant joining

Learn more about the new joining technology and get a chance to join the free of charge Users’ Committee of the NWO Demonstrator project (2019-2020). Come to create the future together with us! 

Truss/jacket structures are commonly used in heavily and cyclical loaded structures in bridges and off-shore applications, respectively. Limited fatigue endurance of current welded joints technology is main obstacle to unlock full potential of economic feasibility of truss/jacket structures in many cases. To solve this issue new type of Wrapped FRP joint is invented at TU Delft - CiTG. Joints are created by wrapping Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite material around the zone of the joint between the brace and the chord of a truss/jacket. The invention is focused to completely avoid welding in next generation of truss/jacket structures. This greatly improves fatigue endurance which is the main design criteria and cause of large maintenance costs. Same technology can be used to strengthen existing welded joints toward extension of service life.

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