Graduation of Wiljan Jansen

30 October 2019 16:00 - Location: Lecture hall G, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences - By: Webredactie

"Wave dissipation in a permeable structure." | Professor of graduation: Prof. dr. ir. W. S. J. Uijttewaal, supervisors: Ir. A. Gijón Mancheño (TU Delft), ir. E. E. Sirks (Witteveen + Bos), ing. C. Kuiper (TU Delft), dr. ir. R. C. Lanzafame (TU Delft), prof. dr. ir. J. C. Winterwerp (TU Delft).

The coastal area covered by mangroves forests, which serve as a natural sea defense, is declining around the world for years now. To protect these areas against wave action and recover the mangrove forests, different types of permeable structures have been proposed and applied. However, these structures are currently based on engineering judgement, as scientific results and design rules are not available.

The goal of this research was to make a step forward in the design optimization of a permeable structure and gain a better understanding of the processes causing the wave dissipation inside the structure.

To investigate these processes, two sets of model experiments have been performed in the wave flume of the Fluid Mechanics Lab at TU Delft. In the first set, the focus was on the effect that a difference in configuration/ orientation has on the amount of energy dissipation. The results of these experiments were then used in the second set of experiments, for which the focus was on the physical processes that cause the energy dissipation inside the structure.