Symposium TU Delft: From Climate Vision to Climate Action

15 October 2019 09:00 till 14:00 - Location: Science Centre - Mekelzalen - By: DEI | Add to my calendar

After publishing our TU Delft Climate Vision , and one subsequent TU workshop on climate action, it is time to take more concrete steps.

On October 15th TU Delft Climate Institute and TU Delft Energy Initiative will be hosting a TU wide symposium to discuss how TU Delft can contribute to climate action on three levels:

 Climate Action TU Delft - CO2  Roadmap

What Climate Action can we take on our own campus? Andy van den Dobbelsteen will give a sneak preview of the TU Delft CO2 Roadmap, and discuss campus wide implications and actions.

 Climate Action Netherlands - Klimaatakkoord

What kind of commitment does the new Klimaatakkoord ask from academia, but also: what opportunities does it offer us. Paulien Herder will guide us through these topics.  

 Climate Action International - IPCC

In view of the new IPCC report coming out, we will also reflect on the role of TU Delft in the international climate science setting.

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