Women in Computer Science

14 May 2019 12:30 till 14:00 - Location: Square, Pulse (Building 33A) - By: EEMCS Diversity & Inclusion Team

What do an ethical hacker and a forensic scientist have in common? Well, just like you, they studied at TUDelft and they can't wait to tell you their story!

Come to this lunch lecture to hear Valentine Mairet and Ginger Geneste, two former TUD students of computer science. They will talk to us about their experiences as women studying in TUDelft and then working in industry.

Everyone, from all faculties and no matter if student or employee, are welcome to join!






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Looking forward to meeting you :)

Valentine Mairet

As an Ethical Hacker for KPN, her work consists mostly of testing and exploiting a variety of applications and sometimes breaking into buildings. Valentine spent 7 years at TU Delft, where she developed a passion for technology, from building systems to tearing them down. She is the organiser of WICCA, Women In Cybersecurity Amsterdam, a community for hacker ladies in the Netherlands. Besides computers, she's a Sci-Fi fan who does kung-fu, writes poetry, and owns a cat.

Ginger Geneste

Ginger Geneste is a scientific researcher at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). She received her masters degree in Computer Science, with a specialisation in Cyber Security at Delft University of Technology in 2017. Ir. Geneste held a part-time position at the Security Operations Center of Fox-IT where the core of her occupation involved the forensic analysis of computer network traffic. After receiving her masters degree she started working as a forensic scientist at the department of Digital and biometric traces at the Netherlands Forensic Institute. Here she continues developing her interest in analysing protocols by interpreting digital traces found in digital storage media of criminal cases.

The EEMCS Diversity Lunches is a series of lunch lectures organized by the EEMCS Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDIT).