Design Visualisation 2018-2019 – A selection of the best

11 April 2019 00:00 till 10 May 2019 00:00 - Location: hall of IDE (in front of book shop Waltman) - By: Communication

From Thursday 11 April until Friday 10 May, the exhibition of the course ‘Design Visualisation’, in which 120 students participated, takes place. A selection of the results of the drawing and visualisation exercises will be exhibited. The opening is on Thursday 11 April at 15:00 at the faculty of IDE. The authors of the best results will be honoured with the ‘Golden, Silver and Bronze Marker 2019’. You are welcome to attend the opening.

The exhibition includes compositions of sketches, design steps, final proposals, and context and use  related to imaginary design assignments.

Course Design Visualisation

Design Visualisation is the third year’s elective BSc course in which students run and experience an extensive range of design and visualisation steps, as part of two specific design trajectories: hand held power tools, and delivery/cleaning carts.

In order to create a clear link to the daily product design practice, the course integrates the various ways of visualising and various techniques, in correspondence with the stage of progress: from ideation sketches to concept design proposals of products, parts, materials and product use. The course focuses on the student's ability to visually develop shapes and meaning and tell about his design trajectory. The course comprises both analogue and digital drawing techniques, besides the use of other means of design visualisation, applied in an integrated way.

Next to the range of drawing sessions, several extra plenary lectures, and some in-depth observation sessions help students to sketch, use photography as an analysis and presentation tool, draw user-product interaction and consider the communication thereof. Central subject matter is sketching, as sketching allows the designer to develop and to ultimately bring across his emotions and design intention.