International Comfort Conference 2019

29 August 2019 00:00 till 30 August 2019 00:00 - Location: faculty of IDE - By: Communication

Are you a better learner when you are sitting comfortably? Or does a little more discomfort keep you focused better? By conducting audience experiments at the International Comfort Conference 2019, top researchers in the field of comfort will study the effect of listening to lectures on a sofa live. The event takes place on 29 and 30 August at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft.

During the conference talks the comfort and productivity of sofa-dwellers will be compared with audience members who are sitting upright in a traditional lecture hall seat. The researchers predict that  the effect of slouching on a sofa, rather than sitting up straight on an upright chair will be minimal, however the effect on productivity (how much participants learn) will be studied thoroughly by the researchers. 

After each lecture participants will be examined on what they have learned, what they remember and how deeply they thought about the topic during the lecture.

Researchers, teachers and students world over are sitting on the edge of their seat for the results.

From left to right: Prof. dr Peter Vink (TU Delft), Prof. dr Neil Mansfield (Nottingham Trend University), Dr Susanne Frohriep (Grammer GmbH) and Prof. dr Alessandr Naddeo (University of Salerno).