Exhibition minor People in Transit

31 January 2019 09:00 till 15 February 2019 17:00 - Location: hall of IDE - By: Communication

From Thursday 31 January, students teams of the first edition of the minor People in Transit will exhibit in the hall of IDE. The teams designed mobility systems for six world cities, each with its own culture and specific challenges: Kinshasha, Bogotá, Toronto, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong and Bangalore. After this, each team member individually designed one of the vehicles in the mobility system.

The exhibition will run for two weeks until 15 February, but only on Thursday 31 January students will be present with their personally tailored Readers, which they have composed themselves during the minor.

The People in Transit minor, which is the evolution of the minor Automotive Design, is open to students of the TU Delft designing faculties i.e. Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering.