Exhibition: Bachelor final project

28 June 2019 09:00 till 03 July 2019 17:00 - Location: faculty of IDE - By: Communication

For ten weeks, 180 students of the faculty of IDE have been working full-time on their Bachelor final project. The results can be viewed during an exhibition, taking place from Friday 28 June till Wednesday 3 July. The exhibition will be officially opened on 28 June at 16:00. You are welcome to join.

The exhibition will feature posters and (optional) models showing each student’s results. This time the students had to choose among 11 cases: Boska, DIoPD, Duchenne pp, EA for SMC BMC, Fugafour, Gemeente Delft, Maker Store, Northernlight, Philips, Picnic and Reinier de Graaf.

The exhibition will be opened officially at 16:00 in the hall of the faculty of IDE. Students, coaches, the companies and other interested people will be invited to raise a glass to the students and their achieved results.