Library XXL

11 January 2019 08:00 till 01 February 2019 02:00

Good luck with your exams!
From 11 January until 1 February the Library expands its opening hours because of the exams that are coming up again! Opening hours are 08:00 – 02:00. There are also extra study places available during these weeks in the so called ‘pioneers rooms’.

During exam time the entire Library is a silence zone.

Mathematics and Mechanics helpdesk
During the Library XXL weeks the Mathematics and Mechanics helpdesk is open from 13:00 – 17:00 in project room Europe. You will find this room straight on your right when you enter the Library main hall.  

Dates: 14 January, 15 January, 16 January, 17 January, 18 January, 21 January, 22 January, 23 January, 24 January.

‘Break Basket’ 
Need a break while studying? Use the ‘Break Basket’ and take a well-deserved break of 60 minutes. How it works? Put your (non-valuable) belongings in the break basket and show your departure time on the parking card. After 60 minutes the study place is yours again. If you come back later than 60 minutes, the Library staff may assign your study place to another student. Let’s help each other in this way to study pleasantly in the Library.