Colloquium on Decision Analytics for Complex Systems

14 January 2019 15:00 till 17:30 - Location: Room C, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management - By: Webredactie

The Art of Complexity: Errors, Actions, & Tradeoffs in Infrastructure Systems Design
At present, mounting concerns related to the resilience and robustness of major US infrastructure systems has motivated a transition in our national research agenda towards convergence research. In short, this transition seeks to accelerate transdisciplinary research efforts that will have direct translational value for improving our infrastructure investment and management choices. This talk reflects my recent efforts to work with several US federal agencies to help them shape their near term research investments. I highlight how historical science innovation perspectives have strongly shaped our current struggles and ambitions for better understanding the complexity of societal infrastructures. I use a selection of recent examples drawn from the confluence of emerging high performance computing capabilities, complex systems science, and artificial intelligence to illustrate how our evolving problem solving capabilities hold promise and simultaneously require caution in how they are used to shape societal choices.

15:00-16:00   Pat Reed (Cornell)
                      The Art of Complexity: Errors, Actions, & Tradeoffs in Infrastructure Systems Design
16:00-16:30   Questions and Discussion
16:30-17:30   Drinks & Further Discussion

Patrick M. Reed is the Joseph C. Ford Professor of Engineering within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. His research is investigating how to effectively combine a wide range of knowledge sources with simulation, optimization, and information technologies to capture impacted systems’ governing processes, elucidate human and ecologic risks, limit management costs, and satisfy stakeholders’ conflicting objectives.