ChemE FacultyColloquium by Elke Scholten

11 March 2019 12:45 till 13:45 - Location: Watermanzaal/Franklinzaal B58-A2 - By: Communication ChemE

Tuning hydrophobicity of zein nanoparticles to control rheological behavior of Pickering emulsions

Pickering emulsions using particles as stabilizers have attracted increasing interest in scientific research and industrial production due to several advantages compared to emulsions traditionally stabilized with small molecular weight surfactants and amphiphilic polymers, such as the long-term stability. Particles with a contact angle of 90° at the oil-water interface possess the largest desorption energy and hence provide the highest stability to Pickering emulsions.We propose to use zein particles as a Pickering stabilizer. Zein is an abundant protein extracted from corn, and therefore food-grade. In this lecture, the various formulation aspects, such as particle size and hydrophobicity, that are  needed to achieve optimal emulsion stability, robustness and rheological behavior, will be discussed.