ChemE FacultyColloquium by Remco Tuinier

04 March 2019 12:45 till 13:45 - Location: Watermanzaal/Franklinzaal B58-A2 - By: Communication ChemE

High Refractive Index Nanocomposite Fluids for Immersion Lithography

Since the 1970s, advances in optical lithography in the semiconductor industry have made it possible to increase the level of integration on chips. To go towards smaller length scales several options may be possible. In this presentation I will discuss a possible option that can be used to achieve this via the concept of using dispersions of nanoparticles as high refractive index fluids in immersion lithography. In such systems the challenge is to prepare dispersions which are stable (no demixing, gelation) and limited scattering of light. These aspects will be discussed including explaining some relevant aspects of the background of phase stability and scattering properties of dense particle dispersions. Finally, some imaging experiments were performed through a dispersion of silica nanoparticles. These findings seem to imply that immersion lithography using nanoparticle dispersions is indeed possible.