13/02 Stukafest Kick-Off

13 February 2019 20:00 till 23:00 - By: Communication

On Wednesday, February 13th you can experience the real Stukafest atmosphere during three different performances at Freetown. This little sneak preview of Stukafest offers free acts of Pieter Jouke, the Marvin Dee band and Tim Horsting. Guaranteed that you’ll have a fun night!

The first artist to perform is comedian Pieter Jouke. Together with Arjan Lubach and Edo Schoonbeek, he started the collective Buro Rekema, wrote three books and you can see him on television regularly.

The Marvin Dee band will perform right after Pieter Jouke. They are an acoustic pop-rock band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The band combines frontman Marvin’s background in musical theatre with a rocky edge, finding a middle ground somewhere between Freddy Mercury’s dramatic vocals, Dave Matthews Band’s complex Americana jams, JJ Grey’s Southern gospel soul, and The Common Linnets’ five-part country vocal harmonies. Therefore, their music does not lend itself well to be labelled, and continues to surprise audiences across the Netherlands. In an industry currently dominated by synthesizers, auto-tune and computerized pop sounds, Marvin Dee Band wants to return to the basics. Honest, real music; what you see is what you get, and everything you hear is performed live. 

Marvin Dee - When You Go (Official Video)

The third performance is by Tim Horsting. He is a magician, theatre producer and fire breather from Wageningen. He performed on various festivals throughout Europe, was on television with Uri Geller, survived difficult record-breaking attempts and played in more than seventy shows in Dubai. During the 2019 Stukafest Kick-Off, Tim will bring an unique mix of humour, horror, magic and interaction. You won't believe your own eyes!

Curious when and where the performances take place? Check it out!

Times                   404 - Freetown      Cafe X                         Living Room - Freetown

20:00 – 20:30       Pieter Jouke           Marvin Dee band         Tim Horsting 
20:45 – 21:15       Pieter Jouke           Marvin Dee band         Tim Horsting 
21:30 – 22:00       Pieter Jouke           Marvin Dee band         Tim Horsting 


Stukafest Delft 2019
Intimate performances in cosy student rooms: this year’s edition of Stukafest  Delft (Student Kamer Festival) will be on February the 27nd. Take off your coat, grab a beer and get ready to be surprised. Cozy, messy student rooms throughout Delft are transformed into mini-stages where you can enjoy music, dance, comedy, theatre and much more. You can choose your three favourites, during three rounds. Between every performance there is a thirty minute break so there won’t be any rush to get to the next room. After the final round, everyone - including the artists - put on their dancing socks for the legendary afterparty! 

Do you want some more info?

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Wednesday 13 February | 20:00 – 23:00 | at Freetown of X |  FREE! [In co-op with Stukafest Delft]