21/08 SEARCH @X

21 August 2019 11:00 till 15:00 - By: Communication

Delft is a good place for developing yourself. But to say that you are in Delft just to study, would be an understatement. Everyone has something he or she does for fun, to blow off steam or broaden themselves. Do you want to get the most of everyday life? Do you want to do Sports? Express yourself? Go on Adventures? Relax all the way? Connect with different people and views? Or do you just want to hang out at an awesome event? Then make sure to visit SEARCH @X and find out all possibilities for yourself!

SEARCH is an acronym and stands for Sports, Express, Adventure, Relax, Connect and Hangout. 

Although being a student is an extreme sport in itself, a lot of students choose to do a sport in their free time. It might be rowing, climbing, volleyball, yoga, ultimate frisbee or even hitting the gym. Everyone can do sports to blow off steam.

In this theme, you can find out which sports you like for yourself or might want to try in this new phase of your life. Follow the sports route or join the sports tour!

Do you have creative urges? Do you want share your alter ego with an audience?  In short, do you want to Express yourself? At Express, you can put your creativity to good use by painting, dancing, playing music and create and much more. Are you into this or do you want to find out if you are the next Johannes Vermeer, follow the Express route or join the Express tour. 

In a world of Starbucks and quinoa, you might feel more attracted to going back to the basics; travel the globe, explore the seven seas, shoot at targets and even fly aeroplanes. This theme is all about the thoughest ones of Delft, the ones that Bear Grylls looks up to. Are you resilient enough to explore Adventure at SEARCH @X? Make sure to follow this route or join the tour.

Dear Bro’s and Brodettes, welcome at Relax on SEARCH @X. Do you enjoy the more casual things in life? Like everyone else to watch movies, do e-sports, eat comfy food and reach your balance? Follow the route or join the tour to see if you can really live according to this lifestyle.

Nowadays, staying connected is crucial. But there are more ways to staying connected than knowing the WiFi password. Are you truly connected? At Connect on SEARCH @X you can find out for yourself. Discover where you Connect with the people of associations with varying backgrounds, nationalities and beliefs to truly connect with the rest of the world. Follow the route or join the Connect tour!


Do you want to know where to find which association or what programme to expext? Take a look at the map!