[CANCELED] 26/03 Interactive Lecture: Agree to Disagree with Akwasi & Ruben Mersch

26 March 2019 20:00 till 22:00 - By: Communication

Why is it that some differences of opinion lead to clashes and reason is often lost? There is a kind of emptiness at the core of our polarised public debate. You’re invited to this interactive lecture with philosopher and biologist Ruben Mersch and creative all-rounder Akwasi, where you’ll be encouraged to rekindle the flame of democracy.


We are trapped in a broadcasting culture where sending a message is chosen over listening. While the latter is necessary for a real debate. There seems to be a chronically dissatisfaction and long for ego marketing. We want our own argument to ‘win’ and agree to disagree seems unattractive, which leads to the majority choosing for silence. 

In this interactive lecture, Ruben Mersch and Akwasi encourage you to reflect on this social phenomenon by emphasizing the importance of the debate, thinking beyond polarisation and trying to understand why everyone is always right.

About the speakers

Ruben Mersch

Philosopher and biologist Ruben Mersch (1976) spent the first 10 years of his career in computer science in the pharmaceutical industry. Until he opened the eyes of many people with his bestseller 'Blinkers'. We like to think that we are rational beings, that we know for certain what we think we know, but is that true? Are we sometimes not put on a false track by our own brain? Are we not fooled by crooked arguments and wrong conclusions? Ruben Mersch thinks so. He will gladly tell you how that works, and how you can deal with it. In his book ‘Why everyone is always right’, Mersch tries to answer the question why we are so eager to dig into the trenches of our own right. He comes to a sobering conclusion: not our reason, but our emotions are lord and master of our thinking.


You may know Akwasi (1988) from the hip hop formation Zwart Licht. He graduated from the Toneelacademie Maastricht and has developed into a creative all-rounder. Besides being an artist, theatre maker, record label owner of Neerlands Dope, TV personality and actor, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah is also a writer. With his text book 'Let's not talk about it' he looks straight into the discomfort in communication. We almost never speak out what we really think. We keep our thoughts to ourselves or choose to give safe answers to avoid the problem. Akwasi is a master in storytelling. In his overwhelming debut 'Let's not talk about it' all his talents come together.

Tuesday 26 March | 20:00 - 22:00 | at the Theatre Hall of X | € 7.50