Inaugural speech prof. dr. J. Groeneweg (TPM): Just culture

18 January 2019 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Many organisations in healthcare and other fields are struggling with the question how they can further improve the safety of patients and employees. There are industries in which impressive successes have been achieved in improving safety by making optimal use of available information from incidents. The learning capability of these organisations is great: many are reported, thoroughly analysed, effective interventions are implemented and evaluated. The focus of the analyses is not on the question of guilt, but on identifying areas for improvement in the normal, daily way of working. In order to get this information, it is important that employees can report deviations from the current process in all openness and participate in the analyses. The development of a so-called 'just culture' can help to promote such openness. In order to gain insight into the most effective way to achieve a 'just culture', as many factors and conditions as possible must be identified that contribute to such a culture. Social science research offers a number of interesting and innovative insights that can help make present-day approaches to 'just culture' even more effective. With this knowledge about what and how organizations can learn most effectively, safety can be further increased for both patients in healthcare and employees from other domains.

Just culture

Prof. Groeneweg inaugural address starts at 15:00 hrs in the Auditorium building, located at: Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC Delft. It's not necessary to register for this free inaugural address. The lecture will be simultaneously translated in English.
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