Thesis defence H. Park Lee: the car as power plant

15 April 2019 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

A socio-technical exploration of the Car as Power Plant. Promotor 1: Z. Lukszo (TPM); Promotor 2: P.M. Herder (3ME).

The Car as Power Plant (CaPP) system is based on the idea of increasing the use of renewable electricity using hydrogen as an energy carrier and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) as flexible power plants. The use of FCEVs as power sources introduces a novelty in the physical system and it involves new actors and roles: car drivers that act as prosumers, and aggregators that trade the energy from aggregated vehicles. This introduces the need for new institutions (rules) to manage the transactions.

This thesis explores the role of institutions in the management of vehicle-to-grid transactions in Car as Power Plant systems. The operation of CaPP systems are modelled as a combination of the physical system operation, actions of involved actors, and the rules governing their actions and interactions. To engage heterogeneous drivers in different types of vehicle-to-grid participation, three distinct sets of rules are conceptualized as volume-based, control-based and price-based contracts. The influence of these rules in the system is tested through simulation experiments with two agent-based models. The results show the profound impact of these rules on the system performance.

This work demonstrates the importance of analysing innovative technologies with a socio-technical system perspective. Moreover, it provides crucial insights in the complexities of bringing innovative technologies into being.

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