Thesis defence V.E. Vega Garita: solar cells

13 June 2019 10:00 - Location: Science Centre, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Integrating a Photovoltaic Panel and a Battery Pack in One Module: from concept to prototype. Promotor 1: Prof.dr. M. Zeman (EWI); Promotor 2: P. Bauer (EWI).

Due to the variable nature of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy, it has been coupled with energy storage devices. Among the variety of options, batteries are normally used because of their maturity and stability. However, PV-battery systems face multiple challenges such as high cost and complexity of installation. As a consequence, a new concept that integrates all the components of a PV-battery system in a single device is introduced in this thesis. By integrating a power electronics unit and a battery pack at the back of a PV panel, referred as PV-battery Integrated Module (PBIM), the cost of the total system might decrease and become a viable alternative for the solar market. Because the concept is relatively new, and not all the challenges have been previously addressed, this dissertation strives to prove the feasibility of the concept. The thesis explored the implementation of an energy management system in order to control the direction and magnitude of the power delivery smartly. Also, a thermal model was developed to recommend a thermal management system to decrease the temperature of operation of the battery pack and power electronics. Finally, by testing a PBIMprototype, a battery testing methodology was developed for finding a suitable battery technology that can comply with the requirements set by the expected operating conditions of the device. The research carried out in this dissertation proves that the integration of the PV-battery system in one device is technically feasible.  

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