Thesis defence O. Sack: Gropius and Van Eyck

16 July 2019 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

The Socio-spatial aesthetics of space formation - A new Perspective on the Concepts and Architecture of Walter Gropius and Aldo van Eyck. Promotor 1: D.E. van Gameren (Bk); Promotor 2: T.L.P. Avermaete (ETH Zürich).

This dissertation deals with ‘architectural space formation’, understood as the part of architectural and urban design that concerns the creation and structuring of physically defined spaces of inside and outside character, both separately and in relation to each other and to open space.

In the first part of the study, a new thesis on architectural space formation is developed: It is argued that space formation isthepart of architectural design that binds architectural form to the use-related and socio-spatial purposiveness of architecture, as well as that, in particular, the immediate socio-spatial meaning of space formation is expressed and to be perceived. Furthermore, it is argued that the socio-spatial effect of space formation is intrinsically tied to this relation. As a result, this interrelation between the use-related and socio-spatial content of architecture and its aesthetic experience qualifies, in my opinion, the aesthetics of space formation as socio-spatial aesthetics.

In the second part of the dissertation, this design-theoretical thesis is combined with historical research. This particularly leads to an investigation of Walter Gropius’s and Aldo van Eyck’s approaches to architectural design and aesthetics from the perspective of my thesis. On the one hand, I focus on both of the respective way they referred to space formation and used it as a means of design. On the other hand, I examine their specific approaches to human perception of (architectural) space. Here, they are positioned in relation to the German-language discourse on architectural space and space formation as it developed at the end of the 19thand the beginning of the 20thcentury.

In this way, the combined design-theoretical and historical approach of this dissertation leads to a critical discussion of various historical approaches to, and positions on architectural design and aesthetics from a new perspective.

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