Thesis defence D. Ton: route choice behaviour

17 September 2019 15:00 - Location: Aula, TU Delft - By: webredactie

Unravelling mode and route choice behaviour of active mode users. Promotor 1: S.P. Hoogendoorn (CiTG); Promotor 2: Dr. O. Cats (CiTG).

Due to increasing urbanisation rates worldwide combined with growing transportation demand, many governments have set goals for increasing the mode shares of walking and cycling. This thesis increases the understanding of mode and route choice behaviour of active mode users. We identify a relationship between daily mobility patterns of individuals and attitudes towards modes. Afterwards, we zoom in on individual trips. We identify which determinants drive the choice to walk or cycle. Here, we define the mode choice set as all feasible modes per individual and trip. However, not all feasible modes are used by individuals. Therefore, another definition is examined based on the modes used over a long period of time, which we coin the experienced choice set. We identify which determinants are relevant for including or excluding modes in this choice set. Regarding cyclists’ route choice, we identify the determinants influencing this choice. This research is based on the experienced choice set. Accordingly, we compare this method to frequently used choice set generation methods to identify the added value of the experienced choice set. Finally, we perform a literature review on how mode and route choice can be modelled simultaneously. The findings can be used as input for policy measures to increase active mode use.

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