Archiprix preselection: Online VR exhibition

12 October 2020 00:00 till 31 October 2020 00:00 - Location: ONLINE - By: Communication BK | Add to my calendar

In October, the Archiprix preselection of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will be presented at the online VR exhibition.

Out of the 47 outstanding graduation projects (from the academic year 2019-2020) that are on display at the online VR exhibition, 9 projects will be selected and, thereby, nominated for the national Archiprix. The jury will announce their final selection during the closing event on Wednesday 28 October. We warmly welcome you to join us for the announcement of the final selection on 28 October (15:00-16:30).


The graduates that have been selected to present their project at the online VR exhibition are Sigwela Augustin, Jack Bailey, Elisa Isaza Bernhard, Karlijn Besse, Camille K. Billotet, Emma ten Bosch, Annebé Brouwer, Sebastiaan Brouwer, Andrea Cappiello, Amina Chouairi, Leila van Coeverden, Gioele Colombo, Susannah Cox, Holly Dale, Yuncheng Jeffrey Deng, Benjamin Evans, Samuel Gomá, Wessel de Graaf, Remi Groenendijk, Barbara de Groot, Job van den Heuvel, Luuk Hofhuis, Ananta Vania Iswardhani, Joost Joosse, Robert Kupzik, Max Latour, Xiaodong Luo, Leonie Meisel, Alex Niemantsverdriet, Ian Omumbwa, Antonio Paoletti, Boaz Peters, Widasari Yunida Putri, Ronald Rijsterborgh, Giacomo Schiesaro, Ricardo Sforzi, Alia Shaded, Kavya Suresh, Nicole Garcia Vogt, Josine Catharina Vos, Koen van Vuuren, Chun Kit Wong, Daniël van der Woude, Karianne de Wringer, Anne de Zeeuw, Li Zhang, Jiawei Zhao. 

More information about the projects can be found here.

Closing event

On the 28th of October at 15:00, the final selection will be announced by the jury. The 9 selected graduates will present their work in pitches, providing a more in-depth view of their graduation projects during an online meeting, which is accessible to everyone. Please sign up to join the event. Send an email to and you receive a link to the event.

Last year’s Archiprix

The previous edition of the Archiprix proved to be very successful for the graduates of our faculty. BK alumnus Felipe Chaves Gonzalez was awarded the shared first prize at the Dutch Archiprix 2020 for his ‘Permeable borders - Addressing multidimensional conflicts between polarized communities in Rio de Janeiro’.