Exhibition: Boijmans at BK

22 January 2020 00:00 till 14 February 2020 00:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, BK Expo upstairs - By: Communication BK

From 22 January until 14 February, the exhibition 'Boijmans at BK' is on display at BK Expo. This exhibition is designed and constructed by bachelor students from the minor 'Spaces of Display'.

The Boijmans museum will be closed for major renovation for the next seven years. Alternative programmes during this period keep parts of the collection accessible. With ‘Boijmans at the neigbours’, approximately 500 masterpieces find a temporary home in eleven exhibitions at eight neighbouring locations in the area. Amongst these locations are the Kunsthal, the Chabot museum, the Maritime Museum, and others. Simultaneously, ‘Boijmans in the classroom’ brings art from the collection to schools in the area of Roterdam.

Bachelor students from the minor ‘Spaces of display’ worked on both these programmes during the 2019-2020 autumn semester. For 'Boijmans bij de Buren', the students designed a temporary Boijmans exhibition in Rotterdam for a number of works of art from the Boijmans collection, selected by the students themselves. For 'Boijmans in the classroom', designs were made for pop-up displays and art cases. These display elements are used to safely transport art to the classroom, the student designs can be used in an educational way in the classroom.

The exhibition 'Boijmans at BK', designed and built by the students themselves, asks attention for the Boijmans museum as an institution and as a museum. The exhibition reflects on its rich history and its possible futures. The exhibition also displays the student designs 'Temporary Boijmans' for the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam and the designs for the art Cases and pop-up displays.

Offical opening
The exhibition is festively opened at the BK Expo on Friday, 24 January 2020, 16:00.