Exhibition: Magic of the box

13 January 2020 00:00 till 30 January 2020 00:00 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Oostserre - By: Communication BK

During the exhibition ‘Magic of the box’, view boxes of students can be admired in the Oostserre. The projects are the result of the course BK3GR3 of the bachelor Bouwkunde.

What is it about the architectural composition or the ideas about urban life that make a housing project so special? How can 'Living in a box' be represented? How can a new post WWII city ensemble be represented? Answers to these questions can be found amongst 80 plan analyses on display at the Oostserre from 13 January until 30 January 2020. The analyses are made by bachelor students Bouwkunde, who studied the design problems of 45 canonical housing projects within the course BK3GR3.

The analyses are presented by a 'show-box', a hybrid composed of models, drawings, and other media. The boxes open up ways to explain and interpret the architectural and urban qualities in a three-dimensional representation. The student's pleasure and creativity radiate from the collection of boxes.

Residential neighbourhoods are one of the most important assignments in our faculty's domain. Architectural and urban design constitutes and facilitates use, spatial qualities and the identity of everyday life. The way individual dwellings are assembled into a row, a block, a courtyard, a street, or other urban configurations determine the private, public and collective and represent architectural and urban expressions.

Architectural ideas include social notions too, like collectivity, community, privacy, or anonymity. The way a project is embedded in its location offers opportunities to express views on men and nature, men and metropolis, the individual, the public and collective. Typology, morphology, and configuration are the instruments to analyse and discover them.