Exhibition: The news of the progress 2.0

10 July 2020 17:00 till 10 January 2021 00:00 - By: Communication BK | Add to my calendar

The exhibition ‘The news of the progress 2.0’ is a unique online Virtual Reality exhibition with graduate work. Graduation students from the Architecture track who are graduating within the Architectural Engineering studio will be presenting their work.

More than thirty students present their work, ranging between five different themes: 1 Million Homes, Second Life, Sint Maarten, Harvesting, and Shared Heritage. Within all projects, the integration of technology into architecture takes centre stage.
The work is presented with a virtual tour of the Oostserre at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Per project, the panels can be enlarged and models can be clicked through, allowing a virtual 3D walkthrough of the design.

Visit the VR-exhibition here.

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