Lecture: New straw bale wall systems

19 February 2020 13:00 till 13:45 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Room A - By: Communication BK

On 19 February, Nevzat Ömer Saatcioğlu gives a lecture on ‘New straw bale wall systems’.

The lecture includes a summary or a research project on straw-bale construction held at the University of Bath. Ömer Saatcioğlu talks about a load-bearing straw-bale wall assembly. This system is an economical alternative for countries where timber is a limited natural resource. Available Straw Bale Construction Systems are predominantly wooden structures with complex and intense reinforcement systems, which do not economically allow practical and widespread use. This new system is aimed to be developed wood-free.

Nevzat Ömer Saatcioğlu is assistant professor at Istanbul Kültür Unviersity. His major research interests include straw bale design, ecological construction systems, ecological building materials and ‘simplicity and complexity’ in architecture.

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The event is free to all. Contact Serdar Asut for more information.