Public lecture Visiting Professor Jean-Louis Cohen

17 September 2020 18:30 till 19:30 - Location: Oostserre & Online - By: Communication BK

In his public lecture, Visiting Professor Jean-Louis Cohen will talk about ‘The Invention of Frank Gehry’.

Since 1990, Frank Gehry has emerged as one of the world’s most productive and original architects. He has altogether redefined building types, programs, and tectonics. It is about time to consider critically the development of his design strategies from the last third of the twenty-century to this day. Gehry has often been characterized as the designer of bachelor machines opposed to the city. The lecture will examine how he systematically uses drawing to  develop his ideas, inscribing them in the urban fabric which has determined them, from Los Angeles to the all of North America and Europe. Gehry’s path-breaking concepts will be interpreted not only as a response to the urban condition of Los Angeles and other cities, but also in their engagement with issues in contemporary art and technology.

Visiting Professor Cohen is engaged in the editing and writing of the eight-volume complete graphic works of Frank Gehry.

Practical information

This lecture will be streamed live from the Oostserre and can be followed via this link.
A limited number of students who have access to the building on Thursday can attend the lecture in the Oostserre. They can request attendance via the email address First come, first served.

More information

Find out more about Visiting Professor Jean-Louis Cohen here.

Sketch of Gehry Residence, Santa Monica, 1978. Courtesy of Gehry Partners.