Symposium: Building with nature NEXT

19 February 2020 15:30 till 18:30 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Berlage rooms - By: Communication BK

On 19 February, the symposium 'Building with nature NEXT' is organised. The symposium dives into the interdisciplinary perspectives of building with nature and the next generation of projects in an international context.

The symposium offers interdisciplinary perspectives for Building with Nature (BwN) as an approach for designing and engineering resilient coastal landscapes. International experts elaborate ways on how to combine spatial design, coastal engineering and ecology through BwN, and address directions for future development.

The event is a collaboration between the faculties of Architecture and the Built Environment, the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and TU Delft Deltas, Infrastructures and Mobility Initiatives (DIMI), with researchers Janneke van Bergen and Steffen Nijhuis, and Nikki Brand and Marcel Hertogh. The programme is moderated by professor of Landscape Architecture Eric Luiten.



Welcome en introduction, by Steffen Nijhuis (TU Delft)


‘Building with Nature: it all starts with understanding the system’, by Steven Slabbers (Bosch-Slabbers landscape + urban planning)


'Objectifying Building with Nature strategies: systematic assessment of effectiveness at local and regional scales', by Mindert de Vries (Deltares)




'Bridging the gap between research and implementation: an example approach for BwN engineering education from Texas', by Jens Figlus (Texas A&M University)


'Positioning People within Nature: cases from the Florida Gulf Coast', by Brian Cook (University of South Florida)


'Perspectives', discussion with speakers and audience, moderated by Eric Luiten


Book announcement and closing remarks, by Janneke van Bergen (TU Delft) and Marcel Hertogh (DIMI)



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The event is free to all. Register here to participate.
Contact Steffen Nijhuis for more information.