Virtual exhibition: Habitat

01 July 2020 00:00 till 01 January 2021 00:00 - Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut Online - By: Communication BK

The exhibition ‘Habitat: Expanding architecture’ can now be visited from the comfort of your own home. The Jaap Bakema Study Centre developed the virtual spatial model in partnership with Ardito on the basis of the exhibition held at Het Nieuwe Instituut in 2018.

Visit the virtual exhibition here at Het Nieuwe Instituut Online. The exhibition highlights an important moment in the history of architecture and urban planning: the tenth CIAM Congress, held in Dubrovnik in 1956. The central theme of the congress was ‘habitat’: a broader definition of architecture through a new, ecological approach, which viewed architecture not as an autonomous discipline, but as part of a larger, dynamic whole. Habitat is the first of a series of installations in the Total Space programme.

The Jaap Bakema Study Centre develops curated virtual environments as part of the Museology research project. These spatial models are part of the centre’s research into the virtual museum and its relationship to heritage. The Jaap Bakema Study Centre itself is a collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Find out more here.