Workshop: Teaching design for values

21 February 2020 13:45 till 17:30 - Location: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment - By: Communication BK

The workshop 'Teaching Design for Values' is part of a larger project, which will result in a textbook to assist teachers and students in teaching and learning about design for values.

The process of identifying, interpreting, and implementing values in university education is an essential part of responsible innovation and designing for equitable, inclusive and sustainable cities and communities. While there is now a well-defined and growing body of literature on the theory and application of designing for values (or ‘value sensitive design’), the pedagogical dimension remains unexplored. How do we ‘teach’ designers to incorporate values like equality, wellbeing, transparency, and privacy in their practice? What are the problems and pitfalls with value-driven education in society today? What kind of teaching methodologies can we use to improve knowledge and experience in this area?

Call for contributions
Teachers, researchers, and students are invited to contribute their experiences and ideas on this topic. Send your abstract to Maria Novas Ferradás before 6 January 2020 with the subject line 'Teaching Design for Values workshop'.

More information
Find the full programme, background on the project, and details on the call for contributions here.