Winter Flowers route

15 January 2020 10:00 till 28 February 2020 17:00 | Add to my calendar

Language: NL - ENG
Start:          Garden entrance

Most trees are still bare, the bulbs are still in hibernation, but now is the time to see beautiful winter flowers in the Botanic Garden TU Delft. But why do some trees and plants actually flower in winter? How come they don't freeze? And how do plants know when to start flowering?

If you want to know the answer, visit the Botanic Garden and walk the Winter Flowers route that can be borrowed at the entrance. The walk takes you along surprisingly beautiful, special and sometimes also wonderfully smelling flowers of, among others, witch hazel, winter honeysuckle and the paper bush. Sometimes you have to look very carefully, as not all flowers stand out, but they are definitely worth searching for!

Depending on the weather, the route can be walked until around the end of February.