Society for Risk Analysis-Europe Benelux Conference 2020

24 March 2020 12:00 - Location: Eindhoven University of Technology

The Risk-Technology Nexus and socially disruptive technologies
The 2020 SRA-E Benelux Conference focuses on the theme: “The Risk-Technology Nexus”. Risk and technology are intricately linked to each other. Technologies can contribute to risk reduction, but often also introduce new risks. Think for example about ultra-deep geothermal energy, which can reduce global risks of climate change, but at the same time introduces new, local risks of groundwater pollution and earthquakes. Technologies thus require thoughtful weighing of old and new risks. 

Understanding the interaction between risk and technology is particularly important for socially disruptive technologies. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, gene editing, social robots and geo-engineering can bring fundamental change to society, and challenge our existing views of risk trade-offs. Artificial intelligence, for example, can reduce health and safety risks or improve user experiences, but can also lead to social disruption through discrimination and exclusion of specific groups of people, filter bubbles and privacy and security risks.

This conference aims at bringing together researchers, academics, practitioners and policy makers from the Benelux region and beyond to discuss issues of common interest. Members of the SRA-Europe, SRA International and other regional SRA organizations are also most welcome to participate.

Keynote speakers
Peter Paul Verbeek
 | Philosophy of Technology at the University of Twente | Topic: socially disruptive technologies.
Christina Demski
 | Understanding Risk Research Group of Cardiff University | Topic: energy technologies, risk perception and public values.

Panel members in discussion on the privacy and security risks of in-home smart devices
Nelly Ghaoui | Senior Policy Coordinator Cyber Security at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Katleen Gabriels
 | Philosophy at Maastricht University, author of “Regels voor Robots” (Rules for Robots)
Jeroen van der Ham
 | National Cyber Security Centre in The Netherlands and Twente University
George Loukas
 | IoT and Security research group of the University of Greenwich (UK)

The conference takes place at the Eindhoven University of Technology campus, in the building called De Zwarte Doos (The Black Box). This venue is only 3 to 5 minutes walking from both the Central Train station of Eindhoven and the bus stop of Flixbus. The trains and buses stopping at these locations connect Eindhoven with many cities in the Benelux and beyond (see and If you come by car, you can park on campus for 7.50 € a day.

Abstract submission guidelines
SRA-E Benelux invites all contributions related to risk, e.g., risk analysis, risk management, risk governance, risk perception and risk communication. It particularly welcomes contributions that focus on the Risk-Technology Nexus of potentially disruptive technologies. Abstracts (max.500 words or 1 page, single spaced, 12 pt, Times Roman) can be submitted to until 17 January 2020.