Highlight festival 13-15 Feb. Delft

13 February 2020 16:00 till 15 February 2020 23:00

The three-day festival Highlight Delft will take place halfway through February. The festival takes you along beautiful historical sites in Delft, laboratories on the TU Delft Campus and unique locations, some of which open their doors especially for Highlight Delft. 

Unique collaborative projects
How can you use computer software as a paintbrush, how can you produce art with a robot arm, or use steel sheets to make music? This festival is an opportunity for a new generation of artists, who use technology in a creative and innovative way, to speak to us.  The programme categories Experience, Test and Think feature work by at least fifteen artists or artists’ collectives. The Highlight Delft programme strives to make connections between artists, scientists, technology companies and students, and is proud to present these unique collaborative projects with innovational and experimental results.

Excerpts from the programme are:

  • Nick Verstand presents his work ANIMA in the Maria van Jessekerk. Here church, installation and visitor merge in an extraordinary experience of sound and image. 
  • Stevin Laboratory: Nada Nuevo is the spatial composition by the Spanish sound artist Jesus Canuto Inglesias, played on vibrating steel plates between the rattling, imposing study set-up of the Stevin Laboratory that is normally closed to the public.
  • Artist and researcher Tivon Rice studies how texts can be written with the help of artificial intelligence. In conjunction with TU Delft, he trains neural networks that can write texts. Judge for yourself whether these texts compare with those of major writers; during Highlight you can see them in the shop window of the city-centre bookshop Paagman.

Look for the extensive programme on www.highlightdelft.nl.

About Highlight Delft 
Highlight Delft presents various installations spread over a route of 19 unique locations through the centre of Delft and on the TU Delft Campus (TU Delft's public/private innovation ecosystem), based on the conviction that bringing art and technology together leads to innovative insights that have an impact on society.
Together with visitors, partners, scientists, companies and policymakers, Highlight Delft shows the innovative city of Delft and on TU Delft Campus how we can use these ideas to shape our future. 

Highlight Delft, 13-15 February 2020
Tickets are available at www.highlightdelft.nl