26/09 No Waste Dinner: Foodsharing Delft

26 September 2020 19:00 till 21:00 - By: Communication

Join the first No Waster Dinner of the new academic year! The organization of Foodsharing Delft will prepare a free meal from food waste collected at the Saturday market that you can enjoy together.

Foodsharing Delft at TU Delft aims to raise awareness about how to reduce food waste around Delft and accelerate the transition towards a community based food waste-free society. Their mission is to be sustainable by saving and redistributing food waste to stakeholders and creating a grassroots movement. They think it is important to appreciate the hard work and resources that go into growing the food we buy!

In 2019, Dutch households wasted an average of 34.3 kg per person, a total of 590 million kg of food. While the World’s population suffering from hunger could be fed by less than a quarter of all food waste in the US, UK and Europe. At the same time nearly 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions created by the food industry could be reduced if we were to stop wasting food.

During weekly pick ups Foodsharing Delft picks up ‘wasted’ food that can no longer be sold from local shops and cannot be accepted by other organizations like the Voedselbank. This food is then distributed throughout the community. For example during the No Waste Dinners, where wasted food is used to share cooking scales and get to know each other, as well as to raise awareness about food waste.

Please BYO drinks and don’t forget a doggie bag to bring home some more leftovers!

Corona / Social Distancing

To make this event safe there are several measures:

  • There is a maximum amount of people that can join the event and participants need to register (registration is free).
  • To keep 1,5 meter distance at all times you’ll get a fixed seat during the event at one of the large tables that will be set up in the Theater Auditorium.

When you click the button you will see an overview of the upcoming events and workshops. Click on the events button and pick the Food Sharing event to register. 

Saturday 26/09 | 19:00 - 21:00 at Theatre Auditorium | FREE! | In co-op with Foodsharing Delft