03/11 Let's Talk About 'X': The Psychology behind your Bad Habits

03 November 2020 20:00 till 21:30 - By: Communication | Add to my calendar

In Let’s Talk About ‘X’ you are invited to join the conversation to share your thoughts and experiences with other students regarding different topics. This week we’ll talk about the psychology behind your bad habits, using smoking as a case study. Psychologist Eline Meijer from LUMC will share insights on the psychology behind an addiction, and how identity can play a key factor in changing your behaviour.

During this month, dubbed ‘Stoptober’, some of us try to quit smoking. Also in response to the smoke-free campus campaign. Can you think of any other bad habits that are hard to quit? Just to name a few: binge watching, coffee, procrastination, fastfood, alcohol… Let’s talk about those seemingly innocent or more serious addictions and let’s find out more about how this works in our brains.

We’ve invited psychologist Eline Meijer to join the conversation and tell us a little bit about her research on smoking addiction. She has completed a PhD in health psychology and is now working for Leiden University Medical Center. Find out more about her research on smoking and identity here: https://nl.in-mind.org/article/dit-is-niet-wie-ik-ben-de-rol-van-identiteit-bij-roken-en-stoppen-met-roken.

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