Graduation Gijsbert Westerhuis

02 September 2020 14:00 till 15:30 - Location: Online - By: Webredactie | Add to my calendar

Title: Strengthen the adaptability of the ERTMS implementation


The number of operational rail corridors equipped with ERTMS is increasing throughout Europe. The implementation of this critical safety system is planned to take several decades. However, ERTMS is a complex system that evolves continuously increasing the risk of using outdated parts and components. Therefore, adaptability is required for an efficient process. Adaptability is the ability of a system to meet technological or functional changes without requiring structural modifications or replacements. This thesis identifies factors that influence adaptability using literature review and confirmation through three case studies on the HSL-Zuid, RouteLint and the OV-Chipcard. Furthermore, critical issues that trigger future adaptability and compatibility issues of ERTMS are identified through comprehensive SysML modelling. With these factors and issues, solutions are proposed that are validated in a use case and integrated in a strategy that strengthens adaptability of ERTMS for future operational needs.

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