Autonomous Drone Greenhouse Challenge

12 September 2022 12:00 till 16 September 2022 17:00 | Add to my calendar

Autonomous Drone Greenhouse Challenge

The TU Delft AgTech Institute and TU Delft MAVLab organize the "Autonomous Drone Greenhouse Challenge" this September as part of the International International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV)! In this competition you can compete with the best teams from around the world to autonomously fly your drone between tomato plants for monitoring and disease detection! 

The competition fits into the major development towards “precision agriculture”, in which crops are monitored and taken care of at the plant level. Precision agriculture requires a high level of automation, in order to obtain measurements, interpret data, and take fine-scaled actions. Drones have the potential to play an important role in precision agriculture, as they can move in three dimensions, observing and acting in places that are normally hard to access. 

Goal: Develop a solution with one or more autonomous drones that need to inspect a tomato greenhouse as quickly as possible. Inspection involves capturing images of the tomato crop and finding a plant with a disease (simulated for the competition). The teams are free to develop any flying solution, as long as the take-off weight is lighter than 1 kg. Higher scores are given for lighter, safer solutions, and solutions that need as little external infrastructure as possible (preferably none). 

Are you interested in joining this competition?  
Please pre-register by May 15, 2022, as explained on our website: 

Date of the competition: September 14, 2022. 
The competition will take place at Tomatoworld, an innovation-driven greenhouse in Honselerdijk. Teams also get two practice days (September 12 and 13) at the competition location. 

The Greenhouse Challenge is sponsored by Gemeente Westland and RoboCrops.

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