The Berlage Keynotes: Sophie Delhay Architecte, Paris

27 October 2022 18:30 till 20:00 - Location: OOSTSERRE - By: Communication BK | Add to my calendar

On 27 October, the Berlage Keynote 'Sophie Delhay Architecte, Paris' will take place.

Sophie Delhay is an architect practicing in Paris (FR),  teaching at the EPFLausanne (CH). Centered on uses, her architecture makes "living together" a project lever from which the landscape, the city and the architecture can take shape. More than an objective, this community of use becomes the condition for an ecology of human relationships. She approaches the different scales of the city with the intuition that the project is not an end in itself but rather the beginning of a history to come and necessarily plural. This is evidenced by each project developed at the agency, including her last two projects, the Unité(s)Project and Séjours-Cathédrales, both nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe 2022 award.

The Berlage Keynotes is an ongoing lecture series featuring internationally prominent architects, designers, and thinkers who are at the forefront of design discourse and innovation. A selection of speakers working from different disciplinary perspectives and in different geographic, cultural, and political contexts present how their work engages with contemporary issues and debates. This fall semester, speakers include Bovenbouw, Arquitectura-G, Sophie Delhay Architecte, John Wood and Paul Harrison, Part Office, Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture, DnA_Design and Architecture, and Dorte Mandrup A/S.

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Image: Macchu Picchu, Lille, 2013.
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