Urban Design Challenge III: 90 days in 90 minutes

29 November 2022 15:00 till 17:00 - Location: PULSE BUILDING, TEACHING LAB - By: Communicatie BK | Add to my calendar

The Metropolitan Club: Urban Design Challenge is a live and physical event at the TU Delft, where students, teachers, designers from practice and municipalities meet to explore with and reflect on urban design methods and workflow. Participants are challenged to sketch an integrated urban design in 90 minutes instead of 90 days, by means on exploring with a variety of urban design methods.

The goal is not to reach a perfectly defined proposal, but to reflect on and learn from participating in an integral and interdisciplinary design process.


Case study: Working in the city, municipality of Rotterdam 
The programme consists of a plenary session and breakout workshop rooms where groups will work separately on different insights. The workshops are facilitated with multi techniques; sketch, words, foam, collage, and the VR/3D Lab is leading in one of the workshop groups. 
The whole event gives room for at least 30 active participants, which consists of students, teachers, designers from offices and municipalities.

Further information and registration

For further information and registration, please visit  this website.