15 December 2022 00:00 till 31 January 2023 00:00 | Add to my calendar

In this small exhibition Bucky Lab shares their explorations into the world of 'Bioreceptivity'. Architecture students set out to research 'the ability of a material to be colonized by living organisms'. In other words, they experimented with facade and roof materials that will allow plants and mosses to grow on our buildings. No only to incrase biodiversity, but also to improve the climate of our cities. More greenery cools down our cities and improves our wellbeing.

The Bucky Lab Master Studio encourages students to design, develop and at the end build innovative building products. It is a 'get your hands dirty' approach in which the students learn how to translate concepts from sketch into working prototypes.  This semester led to a wide variety of final prototyping: from bio-rooftop tiles to ceramic pipe drains, from facade gabions and wooden facades that both house insects and birds to biobased bricks that fully deteriorate at the end of their life span. 

Bucky Lab is proud of its students for their innovative and out of the box ideas. You are invited to come and see these ideas and prototypes in the exhibition space of the TU Delft Hortus Botanicus.