Fitting in’ at TU Delft: A Workshop on Intercultural Awareness

with Grant Penny, Nayantara Thomas, and Sjoerd Zoeteman.

06 October 2022 14:30 till 16:00 - Location: TU Delft Library - Orange Room - By: Study Climate Programme | Add to my calendar

We will introduce Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory and use this theory in a discussion/brainstorming activity. The activity will be done in groups of 4 or 5. Each group will receive a fictional student from a particular country. Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, the groups need to consider the difficulties their fictional student could face in different university situations in the Netherlands. For example: A lecturer gives your friend a higher mark for similar work. As a person from [X culture], how would you likely approach this situation? The aim of the workshop is: 

  • to raise awareness of cultural differences. 
  • to introduce a framework to approach cultural differences 
  • to discuss real-life cultural differences. 

Target Group 
Anyone interested in exploring the challenges international students face in the Netherlands and at TU Delft specifically (students, staff, alumnae, and people not affiliated with TU Delft). 

Type of Event 

Food and/or Drinks 
Not provided. 

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Grant Penny

Sjoerd Zoeteman

Nayantara Thomas